Running On Air members

R.O.A is a community minded fitness group based in Ringwood, focusing on the benefits exercise has on mental health. Motion (meaning exercise) drives Emotion (mental health). Strength training is an integral part of ROA, building muscle to increase our metabolism, cognitive function, body composition, reverse the effects of ageing and lower body fat.


 "I am exceptionally passionate about the mental health of my clients and I program with this focus in mind. I want to inspire people to exercise, get stronger and discover the positive effects it can have on our mental and physical health. ROA is a safe space where anyone can join, regardless of fitness, age, injuries etc, and feel accepted and supported"

                                                                                - Kat S. Owner and Founder of Running On Air 

Train in a variety of styles including: 

  • Strength (lift heavy)

  • Metabolic (burn more calories)

  • Conditioning (build endurance)

  • Bootcamp (get outside)

  • Interval Training (wait for the buzzer)

  • Core (don't make me laugh)

  • Boxing (get ya gloves on)

  • Hybrid Performance Training (Barbells anyone?)

  • 50 minute sessions, 30 minute lunchtime sessions


Kids are welcome to come and watch whilst you train, but please note that adult supervision is required.

*Please check with staff members beforehand


Factory 5/42-44 New St
Ringwood VIC 3134

Parking located south of studio near mechanics




Owner/Personal Trainer

Kat Sedawie

Certified in:

  • Pilates / reformer

  • Pre and Post Natal

  • Kettlebell Levels 1 and 2

  • Mobility

  • Battlerops and Core-bags

  • Boxing

  • Suspension


Mother - Personal trainer

Hi my name is Kat and I am the owner and founder of Running On Air Personal Training. I am first and foremost a mum of 2, animal lover and coffee lover/snob. I enjoy nothing more that spending time with my kids, walking the dog and stopping for a coffee - or two or three. 

I am not afraid to admit that I have struggled with anxiety and depression throughout my life and turned to exercise for help and relief. It was by far, the biggest discovery of my life!!!!

Exercise gave me the love, acceptance and healing that I needed…and as a bonus…I felt I was pretty natural at it too - besides the fact I can't count reps:). 

So I turned my love and passion into a career - exceptionally scary but a natural progression.

I created Running On Air in 2016 - a place where people felt valued, safe, inspired, excited and completely engaged - this is the warriors second home!!! A place to destress, have fun and get strong in the body and mind. Things can get pretty crazy at ROA - prepare to deadlift and laugh all at the same time.


Fitness Instructor

Doug McKell

For me training is all about Long-term Fitness. Coming from being overweight most of my life, suffering from scoliosis and also a couple of bulging vertebrae disc over the journey, training has always been about being the strongest I could be for what I wanted to do in my life, which essentially is being around for my kids (and being able to keep up with them) for as long as possible.


So this is what I want for my clients (and anyone in my life really). It’s not about having a six pack or bulging biceps, it’s about building strength, physically and mentally to enable you to achieve what you want in life.

Jo Wilson

Personal Trainer

Jo Wilson

Certified in:

  • Boxing

  • Resistance Bands

  • Building Function

  • Nutrition

  • Olympic Lifting

  • CrossFit Level1

Engineer by day, personal trainer by mornings

While I am a personal trainer for R.O.A when you see me, I also spend my 9-to-5 working as a Mechanical Engineer
- yep I can actually count reps, unlike Kat!

I can relate to clients with a desk jobs and know the importance of including movement and exercise in your day.

As a trainer, I really love to focus on perfecting technique for every exercise, helping clients achieve that perfect lift, as well as functional everyday movement.


I love running the Monday classes, but  really love seeing the R.O.A warriors becoming confident and strong in and out of the gym. For me, the most rewarding part of being a trainer is seeing people improve, not just in their technique and strength in the classes, but in their confidence and everyday life and fitness as well.

Outside of R.O.A, you’ll find me snatching barbells at Cross-fit, smashing winners on the tennis or badminton court, or kayaking in the bay hoping to catch some fish for dinner. And after all that - working out with Kat every week to ensure the boss is working out hard enough!!!